About us

About us

DAS Energy is a “green technology” company specializing in flexible, lightweight photovoltaic solutions.

We offer our customers
 – Innovative photovoltaic products
 – Scalable production and flexible solutions
 – Close collaboration and joint research & development
 – Licenses for production on clients’ own site


Our mission

DAS Energy takes photovoltaics to new horizons.

… Lightweight
… Flexible
… Boundless

Our vision

DAS Energy stands for
flexible photovoltaics technology
from Austria.

Our values
Our credo

DAS Energy –
Pushing the boundaries
of conventional photovoltaics.

The company

DAS Energy GmbH is a joint venture between Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH and Alternative Energy Solutions GmbH, with its headquarters in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. The company specializes in the research & development and manufacturing of flexible photovoltaic modules. DAS Energy and its products are geared to dealers, project developers, and investors in licensed factories. The inter-company partnership enables an exchange of knowledge among more than 600 employees, which also benefits the target groups of DAS Energy.


Christian Dries

Managing Partner & CEO

Michael Oberdorfer

Managing Partner & CMO

Paul Zoglauer


Robert Buchinger


Benjamin Reddmann

Business Development