The backglass module

The DAS Energy backglass module is suitable for extreme weather conditions. Its fiberglass-reinforced rear side ensures increased stability. The surface texture of the backglass module makes it ideal for applications in sandy or dusty regions. The module withstands any sandstorm without scratches.

Another feature of the backglass module is increased stability, due to its reinforcement with fiberglass. Only the rear side is covered in glass, thereby avoiding unwanted accumulation of heat. The module yields its full performance even in extreme heat.

Suitable for extreme weather conditions, especially in extreme heat, sandstorms, and dusty conditions.

Heat dissipation is allowed through the front side.

The textured surface of the module induces a light-coupling or light-trapping effect. This effect leads to increased efficiency and thus a higher energy yield.

A patented design ensures that the modules are only 2mm thick