Architecture & building

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)

Building-integrated photovoltaics is a rapidly growing and – due to its requirements in terms of architecture,
construction physics, and construction – a highly challenging sector for module manufacturers. DAS Energy flexible modules are pushing the boundaries of conventional photovoltaics by being simultaneously a
building material and a source of renewable power. DAS Energy has risen to the challenge of combining both aesthetics and functionality, and now offers a wide range of solutions.

Building-applied photovoltaics (BAPV)

For existing buildings, the use of building-applied photovoltaics is an ideal opportunity to go green. Structural and physical challenges do not constitute as a hurdle for DAS Energy – thanks to the lightweight design and flexibility of the modules. DAS Energy modules are suitable for all roof types (bitumen-covered roofs, slanted or flat roofs …). Easy and versatile applications are additional features of DAS Energy modules.