Success factor for investors

Investors will have exclusive access to DAS Energy’s innovative and ground-breaking technologies, both in production and the module manufacturing process. A patented combination of crystalline silicon solar cells and fiberglass materials from aircraft construction is the
basis for the“flexible module.”

Advantages for investors

Alternative energy production is the green future. DAS Energy provides you with sustainable access to renewable energy. Investors can rely
on a smooth production process and long-standing experience. An inter-disciplinary network of expertise enables DAS Energy to do wide-scale research & development. Investors benefit from our innovative spirit and know-how.

Scope of services

DAS Energy provides guidance in all areas: from the design to the construction of turnkey production lines. Our services include theoretical training courses, practical training measures, and quality control. We provide further assistance even after completion of the construction line, e.g. with spare parts or technical support.

DAS Energy defines and includes into its turnkey solution:
– Design of a new factory
– Counselling and guidance for a production factory including selection/configuration of machinery
   (equipment from various reputable manufacturers)
– Commissioning and training of staff
– Support in ramp up phase