Austrian Solarprice for DAS Energy

Eurosolar International is a European non-profit association located in Bonn, Germany. The association is represented by branches at European level. The Austrian branch is called “Eurosolar Austria”. Since 1994 the solar prize is awarded to communities, municipal companies, private persons, owners of facilities and to organisations dealing with renewable energy. With the award of the solar prize, the association aims at increasing the publicity of the topics of renewable energies and therefore further strengthen the public awareness.

This year, DAS Energy GmbH took part in the tendering procedure in the category “Industrial, commercial or agricultural companies”. The award committee named DAS Energy GmbH as the winner in this category.

The award ceremony took place on 1st October 2016 at the HTBLuVA BULME in Graz-Gösting, which was one of the winner in the year 2015. During the ceremony, Mr. Robert Neumann, in charge of product development and product management at DAS Energy GmbH, presented the company and its ultra-lightweight, semi-flexible photovoltaic modules.

DAS Energy GmbH located in Wiener Neustadt is a joint venture between Diamond Aircraft Industries and Alternative Energy Solutions GmbH. The company was founded in 2010 and combines the technologies of photovoltaic based on crystalline silicon solar cells and glass fibre materials from aerospace construction. The non-glass, semi flexible and ultra-lightweight modules enable flexibility in application. Furthermore, the modules are characterized by their lightness, their individual applications and a wide range of mounting options. The company stand for sustainability, dynamic and innovation, and provides a valuable contribution to energy policy with its products.

The award winners and the numerous representatives of politics and research shared their view on the issue of energy policy and renewable energy. All those present have been in complete agreement, that if the governments stopped supporting the fossil energies, the development of the energy transition would come by itself in a positive way and would prioritise the renewable energy technologies.

This agreement is consistent with the philosophy of DAS Energy GmbH and describes also the guidelines of the company that new technologies and ongoing development meet every customer’s requirements, now and in the future.

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