Golf cart solar solution

DAS Energy has developed a solar solution specifically designed for the use with almost any golf cart on the market. The lightweight, thin, and flexible yet rugged construction of the solar panel allows you to attach (as well as detach and reattach) the product to the existing golf roof with minimal installation effort. Ideal for any golfer looking for a highly efficient and aesthetically-pleasing source of clean power.

Product benefits at a glance
– Durable and robust patented PV module using glass fibre reinforced plastic.
– Cart range extension up to 25%.
– Battery life extended up to two years compared to a regular golf cart.
– Easy installation on the existing roof without the need for special tools.
– Savings of up to 20% in yearly electrical costs.
– Environmentally-friendly ~80 kg CO2 emission reduction yearly.
– Custom size and shapes possible.
– DAS Energy quality guarantee – glass-free, flexible, stable and lightweight.

The benefits of a DAS Energy solar roof extend further than the added value of being green, but also increases the driving distance by a quarter while preserving the health of the battery. Our customers can expect to use their golf cart battery on average two years longer than solar-less golf carts, all while yearly saving up to 20 percent in charging costs. Finally, the golf cart module can be customized to the client’s exact shape and size to fit the specification of any golf cart.

Technical specification (e.g. compatible with Club Car Precedent i3):

– Power (MPP) 215 Wp
– Voc 29.66 V
– Vmp 24.93 V
– Isc 9.11 A
– Imp 8.74 A
– Battery types 48 VDC lead acid, 48 VDC lithium
– MPPT charge controller (high speed tracking)
– Extremely low self-consumption