DAS Energy combines fiberglass materials from aircraft construction with crystalline silicon solar cells. With this unique development, the company has sought specialization in the manufacturing of flexible, ultra-lightweight photovoltaic modules.
Glass-free, flexible, ultra-solid, ultra-lightweight.
Nothing is permanent. Everything can change.

DAS Energy – Pushing the boundaries of conventional photovoltaics.


Patented design

A patented design ensures that DAS Energy modules are only 2mm thick.


Module weight as low as 2.5 kg per square meter.


Their flexibility ensures that DAS Energy modules conform to the corresponding substructure.

Easily mounted with a number of assembly options

DAS Energy modules can be glued, screwed, riveted, or mounted onto the substructure using magnets or existing eyelets.

Extreme weather conditions

Suitable for extreme weather conditions.
Even in heat, sandstorms, and dusty conditions, their performance is not compromised.

Customer-specific and project-specific solutions

Model size, shape, and color are customizable. The junction box is either mounted to the front or to the rear side of the module.

Higher energy yield

The surface texture of the modules induces a light coupling or light trapping effect. This effect ensures increased electrical efficiency and thus a higher energy yield.


IEC 61215
IEC 61730
IEC 61701
IEC 62716
IEC 62804-1
EN 13501-5 BROOF(t1)